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 Video Interview with EJO
"Have worked with Intrinsiq for over a decade, and their product keeps getting better, adapts to our needs, we wouldn't consider anything else!"
Andrew Pritchard - EJO

“Flexible tailored software and a team that responds to our needs.”
Anton Borgen-Davis - Globe English Centre

“I can honestly say that the Intrinsiq system has totally revolutionised the way our company functions.”
Lana Foster - Bright World Guardianships

“Frankly, I don’t know how we functioned before we were introduced to Intrinsiq.... it is user friendly in a way that even computer- phobes can operate!”
Robert Darell - Oxford International

“Intrinsiq has worked closely with us to design a bespoke system to meet the unique requirements of our organisation. We are very pleased with the system we have now, it has greatly improved the way we work internally and also with our students and teachers.”
Kate Hargreaves - Living Learning English

“As a long time client we have found Intrinsiq flexible to our needs and responsive; we look forward to our upgraded system.”
Joanne Wagner - Saint George International

“Tti School of English is very happy to be using Intrinsiq. The best thing about working with Intrinsiq is the speed with which they respond to requests for alteration, we have a database that develops alongside us as we constantly seek to improve.”
Viv Canal - Tti School of English