Leadership Team

Sudesh Prasad
Market:Europe & Americas
Direct Dial:+44 (0) 7720 696 187

Sudesh heads up the UK office, where our main team is based. His role is to develop client solutions, in conjunction with the development team; starting with initial discussions right through to launch. In addition to this he is in charge of leadership; he ensures we are listening to clients and their needs and incorporating that into our service portfolio. A New Yorker, he has been based in the UK since 1998 and is also a partner at Intrinsiq.

Mark Milford
Market:Asia Pacific
Direct Dial:+61 (0) 4500 33 55 7

Mark is one of the original developers of the IQ Framework, often used in delivery of customer solutions. He is in charge of the development environment and works on the next generation of our IQ framework. He works closely with Support and Operations at Intrinsiq to ensure feedback and knowledge we gain from collaborating with our clients is built into the next generation of our solutions. He is a partner at Intrinsiq; a native of Cambridge, he now runs the Australian office. He is also often spotted in airports on his way to industry events and conferences around the globe.

Key Support & Operations Team

Jim Plenty

Expert developer with an in depth knowledge of Guardianship Systems.

Mufit Bolgil

English Language School Expert providing knowledge and consultation to the IQ Team.

Alejandra Heufemann

Operations and efficiency planning, applying her banking background to improve client processes.

Andrew Milford

35 year veteran software engineer, ensures our systems and reliable and top quality.

Upcoming Exhibitions

ICEF Berlin

30th Oct - 1st Nov 2016
Berlin, Germany

ICEF Dubai

6th - 8th Feb 2017
Dubai, UAE


5th - 7th Apr 2017
Cairns, Australia

English Australia Conference

20th - 22nd Sept
Adelaide, Australia