Our specialist sector is the international education sector which includes: language schools, colleges and universities, and technical training centres.

In our experience there are commonalities across education institutions but each institution is different in its exact needs and requirements. With our knowledge gained from working with many clients, we are able to identify and document workflows areas and advise, design and implement a tailor made solution. Software is just one, key component of this process - for complex organisations our experience shows there is no “one product fits all” solution. We work on a collaborative basis and communication is at the heart of the process.

We have designed and implemented complete student administration systems for many schools - having the solution fit the workflow and not reverse. The areas covered within these systems include: contact management with agents / parents, student enrolments (individual and group, single or multi-centre), student courses, student accommodation, host family payments, student class allocation, attendance tracking, invoicing and exporting information to third-party accounts packages.

Furthermore we can design powerful systems to analyse and report on data that your company has stored. Read our Edu Tech papers here.

IQ Student   Class scheduling

The IQ system boasts powerful class and course scheduling; all of which can be printed to PDF or XLS.


IQ Student   Accommodation matching

The IQ matching engine will match students needs to available accommodation. Select-and-click!


IQ Student   Customised reporting

IQ lets you build and save your own reports tailored to your exact needs.


IQ Student   Integrated SMS

Send a one-off SMS to a selected student, or automatically alert students to low attendance or last minute room changes.

IQ Student  Agent / Student Access

Branded and bespoke portals for your customers, so they can view information and provide updates directly into your system.

IQ Student   MS Word Integration

IQ lets you write and customise your own letters for students, agents and accommodation providers, using our powerful and easy to use word plugin.